i have no special talent. i am just passionately curious. 

Albert Einstein

From the moment we enter the world, our brain is bathed in the cognitive and sensory information that ultimately shapes our perception of reality and together with the code of our genes, influences our daily decisions.  However, what flushes our otherwise ordinary existence with color is emotion. Emotion's universality connects us on an esoteric level, has the capability of transforming  our psychological health and affect decision-making, memory and learning.   Curiosity in this field has led me to ask pertinent questions such as: How does the brain create emotion? What are the cultural influences on the development of socioemotional skills? Is the nature of the self fundamentally related to emotions?  

This website is a way to provide information on current emotion research and to share ideas and resources with the public.  I hope to distill tricky scientific concepts into palatable pieces of knowledge individuals can put to use. I believe investigating emotion can lead to a better understanding of ourselves and in turn has the capability to enrich our lives. 



Teodora Stoica is a PhD student in Translational Neuroscience at the University of Louisville in the NILCAMP Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Brendan Depue.  She is currently using neuroimaging techniques to explore complicated mechanisms of emotion and their relationship to hormones in the two genders.  She has worked in neuroscience and psychology research for over five years, contributing to the scientific understanding of the brain at Yale University and University of Maryland, Baltimore. You can find her curriculum vitae here.

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